Thursday, June 01, 2006

Racism in Reverse or Fast-Forward?

I have attended the Council meeting of the yesterday. The political parties took their seats and I was keen to see the dynamics of the Council in action as it will impact in some way on our development projects down the line. Oh, I was disappointed to hear the unmasked of members of the Council. The pale-skinned politicians - including the well-known opposition advocate against apartheid, now the Mayor of Cape Town, were ridiculed and abused for the simple fact of "not being black and poor" or living amongst those who "are black and poor".
I sat in the Gallery as invited guest and was simply sick to my stomach to hear the statements of racism, referring to politicians (simply based on their skin colour!) in derogatory terms - very personal and very unprofessional. I am not sure why these politicians did not respond with the disgust that the abuse deserved. As an onlooker, it was quite clear who the racists were, who brought up race first, who referred to the past (instead of a collective future), and who judged purely on the base of their own prejudice towards all whites present. It was sad.
I am of the opinion that they are very wrong to assume that only those who are black can speak on behalf of the poor of the City and of our country. One need not be black, or poor to have a sense of justice and a sense of humanity. Life is simply not so black and white...
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