Saturday, May 20, 2006

We are what we Stand for...

I saw yesterday. I will take one line from the movie script with me: "You are what you protect, what you stand for". I have found some courage through the words to continue with the development we started in Masiphumelele, amidst the politics and power games that we face daily.
I have also wondered a lot lately about the value of our programmes. "Is this (the work I do) something I would die for?" I think about the life of Rachel Corrie who died for what she believed in her twenties. Her life has inspired me and I think about her (and her family) whenever I feel discouraged.

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At Sun May 21, 05:35:00 AM, Blogger gitxofbrasil said...

Hi there!I was so surprised by learning that i already got my very first comment on my blogspot =) I wasnt expecting it..
Hope you like the book, its quite special and touching.

At Tue May 23, 12:47:00 AM, Blogger Goeve said...

I love the quote "You are what you protect, what you stand for". I'm sure I'll be using it on a daily basis - incredibly powerful. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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