Monday, May 22, 2006

No Wetlands in the Bible

It is a new day after much rain storming in from the Atlantic into Cape Town. I can just imagine the damage done to the informal shacks down the road, and the bitter cold - again. There are those who had to build in the wetlands (the only space!) and now live in mud and then there are those who live on mountain sides in seven-room mansions with breathtaking views. And I think about the Biblical story of building your house not on sand, but on rock - for wind and storms will come and tear it down. But it said nothing of 'title deeds', homeownership. money, access to morgage or space allocation according to your income and traditional tribal clan. Those were the days, I guess...
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At Mon May 22, 09:55:00 AM, Blogger Deepa said...

this doesnt really relate to the kind of work you are doing but you should read Chinua Achebe's novels, esp 'Things Fall Apart'. as african as you can get.


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