Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kinds of Cold

The thing is: There are different kinds of cold. I never really thought about it, until I took my two guys out this morning for their business on the grass. And it struck me that this cold reminds me of the winter blizzard in Chicago in 1996. I can barely believe it is ten years ago that I was in the USA and landed between walls of snow to visit with friends. I still have the image clearly. But it was the cold that struck me deep inside and left me breathless. Like this morning.

And then, there is the cold in the township where my clients live with candle light and oil burners and cherish a blanket like a bucket of water. The cold that rips your skin from your body and lets you feel that you live outside of yourself as an observer of your own slow death. I have seen children turn blue from this cold, where the homeless cuddle together under a bridge and some shared carton and body heat. I have watched the destruction of tin homes from fire intended to keep the cold out. And nothing remain...

My friend took her little nephew to Ice Age and the the theater was filled with young laughter. The cold was inviting and slippery with animated creatures having fun and adventure becauce of frozen surfaces. It is almost the same cold of my cildhood, when we would drive into the mountains and closest farm and make a snow man stuck to the car window - just to watch them melt and slide suicidally onto the road. I would watch the muddy snow man with scattered carrot nose and beady eyes until the next car killed it off finally. It was always a sad, predictable end to an unbelievable day of white snow in our sunny country.

But the cold I feel for some people surpasses all... There is no match to the cold that is born from my anger and frustration with ignorance of self-absorbed people. The ones that live a small world with their furnances and wool and scarfs and feathers without even acknowledging the cold that exist for others. Some times, I also forget. And it chills me.

I can only describe it all as


At Sun May 21, 04:38:00 PM, Anonymous miho said...

Just wondering but are you a writer? Becasue that really well written. I no almost nothing about poverty except for what I see in atlanta but the homelessness problem has gotten much worse of late because they tore down the only subsidised housing in the city (Grady Homes). I may be young but I am not entierly ignorant to what surrounds me, for instance on the MARTA (subway) there are people who have almost nothing, maybe a coat. But that's it...

At Mon May 22, 12:58:00 AM, Blogger MeerKatje said...

MiHo, I do write on occasion, but have not published formally. I enjoyed your response and am glad to see that you notice poverty. Ignorance is not good, and you are wise to inform yourself. There are WAY too many people who choose to live in their isolated cocoons. You are not one of them, it seems.


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